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Giuseppe 'Oscar' Damiani

The professional footballer, already established or at the beginning of his career, to be able to give the maximum should be able to have fun. The only concerns, when he plays, must be: pass the ball, defend, attack. Today’s football, though, is not just a game. Sports and business are closely linked. Economic interests have multiplied and with the new law on professionalism footballers must demonstrate a great talent, not only on the playing field, but also in the business world trying to create a prestigious and lasting image. Perceiving market trends in advance, contact sponsors. Today more than ever, therefore, those who have made football their profession need someone to rely on, someone who knows the rules of management well and knows how to apply them in the best way. Sport Service can offer all this and even some more. It is a young and dynamic team that has on its side a fundamental element: the long experience as a professional footballer of Oscar Damiani, the founder. Sport Service offers athletes and companies a range of highly qualified services such as legal and tax assistance, media relations management, player viewing advice in Italy and abroad. Sport service takes care of those who work in football and worries that only the ball remains between the feet of a footballer!

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